Kunststoffenbeurs 2022 – Video “Flame Retardants. A Changing Landscape” Presentation.

Kunststoffenbeurs 2022

Fostering Sustainable and Smart Solutions in the Evolving World of Flame Retardants

We actively engaged in insightful conferences at Kunstoffenbeurs in the Netherlands, where we also presented ‘Flame Retardants: A Changing Landscape.’ This conference, themed ‘Future Proof Plastics – Innovative, Sustainable and Smart,’ allowed us to delve into pioneering discussions.

Let’s continue this dialogue together..

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Essential Presentation Time Markers

00:00 Introduction (Invoering)

00:33 What is a Flame Retardant? (Wat is een vlamvertrager?)

01:27 Vertical Burning Test for Classifying Materials (Verticale brandtest voor het classificeren van materialen)

02:06 Current Flame Retardant Technology (Huidige vlamvertragende technologies)

03:59 Evolution of Flame Retardants (Evolutie van vlamvertragers)

04:48 Developments around the World (Ontwikkelingen over de hele wereld)

06:20 Flame Retardants: A Changing Landscape (Vlamvertragers: een veranderend landschap)

06:31 Flame Retardants in Thermoplastics (Vlamvertragers in thermoplasten)

06:52 Tetrabromo-4,4′-isopropylidenediphenol (TBBA)

07:31 Flame Retardants in PC ABS (Vlamvertragers in PC ABS)

08:08 Main Flame Retardants in FR PC/ABS and FR PC/ASA (Belangrijkste vlamvertragers in FR PC/ABS en FR PC/ASA)

08:55 Introducing Notoxicom® (Introductie van Notoxicom®)

10:12 Flame Retardant Types (Vlamvertragende typen)

11:07 Smoke Inhalation Statistics (Statistieken over het inademen van rook)

11:39 Notoxicom® Smoke Toxicity Results (Resultaten van Notoxicom® Rooktoxiciteit)

12:14 Other Advantages of Notoxicom® (Andere voordelen van Notoxicom®)

13:48 Super B – Notoxicom® Success Story (Super B – Notoxicom®-succesverhaal)

14:23 Notoxicom® FR PC/ABS B6000 – Technical Data (Datasheet) (Notoxicom® FR PC/ABS B6000 – Technische gegevens (gegevensblad)

15:24 Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) & GWIT (Glow Wire) testing results (Vergelijkende Tracking Index (CTI) & GWIT (Glow Wire) testresultaten)

16:22 Notoxicom® – Recycling robustness (Notoxicom® – Recycling robuustheid)

18:50 Notoxicom® – Vertical Burn Demonstration (Notoxicom® – Demonstratie van verticale brandwonden)

19:54 To summarize… (Samenvatten…)

21:05 Let’s start the conversation together… (Laten we samen het gesprek aangaan…)

21:27 Thank you to our Partners (Bedankt aan onze partners)

22:02 Q&A (Vraag en antwoord)

Embracing the Future of Flame Retardants: The Notoxicom® Revolution

During their comprehensive presentation, James and Richard from Polymer Compounders Limited delved into the evolving landscape of flame retardants. They highlighted their UK-based company’s journey since 1993, specialising in ABS compounds, Polycarbonate, ASA, and various alloy blends, serving giants like Renault and Nissan.

The focus shifted to the challenges in flame retardancy, particularly traditional methods’ limitations and environmental concerns. They discussed the rigorous U-94 specifications, especially the coveted V0 ratings crucial for products like electrical enclosures.

Addressing the changing regulatory environment, they emphasized the scrutiny halogenated flame retardants face due to their toxicity and endocrine-disrupting properties. James and Richard discussed the industry’s pivot towards non-halogenated solutions like FR PC/ABS was discussed, highlighting the need for less toxic, more sustainable alternatives.

Notoxicom® has emerged as the revolutionary solution, significantly setting new standards with its superior halogen-free flame retardancy, non-migratory nature, and low toxicity. Consequently, this innovation represents a considerable shift from harmful additives to a self-extinguishing, polymer-based technology, ensuring safety without compromising performance or recyclability.

Subsequently, the presentation concluded with a compelling call to action for a greener future, urging stakeholders to embrace viable, eco-friendly alternatives like Notoxicom®. Finally, the team expressed sincere gratitude to their partners and collaborators, emphasising the collective effort in driving this transformative change in the industry.

About Kunststoffenbeurs 2022

What defines Kunststoffenbeurs? As the premier trade fair in the Benelux for the plastics and rubber industry, Kunststoffenbeurs emphasizes connecting professionals from various plastics and rubber supply chain sectors — professionals such as Product designers, Engineers, Chemical technologists, R&D employees, and Mold designers. Additionally, the Kunststoffenbeurs serves as a pivotal gathering for Buyers, Injection moulders, Work planners, and (Technical) directors and managers, offering a comprehensive platform for networking and innovation within the industry.

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