Introducing ABSCOM® MS117AX

ABSCOM® MS117AX (Permanent Antistatic ABS)


ABSCOM® MS117AX is an ABS plastic compound with superior surface and volume resistivity combined with exceptional colourability.

Polymer Compounders Limited, a leading manufacturer of ABS polymers (ABSCOM®), has developed ABSCOM® MS117AX, a colourable conductive permanent antistatic ABS polymer approved for use in industrial environments according to the ATEX test standard. Usually, this can only be achieved using carbon-based additives; hence, black is the only colour available.

ABSCOM® MS117AX, on the other hand, offers all colour possibilities by utilizing a novel conductive additive without carbon. Consequently, this enables the end-user to choose any colour they wish. This distinct advantage sets ABSCOM® MS117AX apart from other materials on the market, mainly as state-of-the-art technological solutions demand ever-greater control over the electrical characteristics of manufactured goods.

Additionally, ABSCOM® MS117AX is also a slightly electrically ‘dissipative polymer’. This is down to the sophistication of the underlying formula of the material. Put simply, ABSCOM® MS117AX is a permanent antistatic material with dissipative properties.

Dissipative Polymer Definition

Slightly electrically dissipative polymer. Dissipative materials allow electrical charges to flow to the ground more slowly in a more controlled manner than non-dissipative or conductive materials.

Antistatic Polymer Definition

Antistatic polymer materials are materials which inhibit triboelectric charging. This kind of charging is the build-up of an electric charge as a result of rubbing or contact with another material.

Building upon the technology of grade ‘ABSCOM® MS170AX’ (Discontinued), which notably brought anti-static properties into ABS polymer for the first time, this advancement was achieved through the innovative use of carbon-based additive technologies. Significantly, the carbon-based additive technology we chose endowed ABSCOM® MS170AX with its industry-leading unique characteristics. Furthermore, ABSCOM® MS170AX demonstrated that achieving good conductivity levels is feasible while still maintaining the high impact values necessary for a rugged electronic handheld device. Consequently, ABSCOM® MS117AX utilizes a much more robust chemistry and, as a result, emerges as a significantly superior product compared to its predecessor, ABSCOM® MS170AX.

Typical data properties of ABSCOM® MS117AX are shown in the table below:

Typical PropertyTypical ValueUnitTest Method based on
Melt Flow (220C /10kg)17g/10 minISO1133(B)  
Flexural Modulus2400MPaISO 527  
Tensile Strength at Yield48MPaISO 527  
Izod Notched Impact24KJM2ISO 180/1A  
Surface resistivity(3.0 x 10e8)OhmIEC 61340-2-3  
Volume resistivity(3.0 x 10e8)Ohm/cmIEC 61340-2-3  
Density1100  Kg/m3ISO 1183  
Flammability (1.50 mm)HB UL-94  

The key features of ABSCOM® MS117AX are as follows:

  • >All colour possibilities.
  • >No loss of mechanical performance.
  • >ATEX compliance. *
  • >Permanent Antistatic ABS.
  • >Slightly electrically dissipative polymer.

*Can meet the Explosive Atmosphere Standard IEC 60079 specification with surface resistance Rs < 10^9 ohms target (RH50 % / 23 °C).

Laboratory Testing Results – ‘Surface Resistance’

Sample identification
Surface resistance
[Ohms] average
GREEN 6173
GREY 22151
*Typical properties found after lab testing.

🔑KEY: 3E8 Ohms = 3×10^8 Ohms = 300 MΩ

  • >Testing according to IEC 61340 2 3
  • >Test condition 2
  • >Test equipment used: 1,2
  • >Electrification time: Automatic
  • >Measurement voltage: 100 V
  • >Number of measurement points: 4

PCL’s new colourable conductive permanent antistatic ABS polymer, ABSCOM®MS117AX, offers all colour possibilities, thus giving the polymer a distinct advantage over traditional black-only conductive polymers. This versatility is sure to make it highly prevalent in industrial environments. To discover more about this innovative product and explore how it can benefit your business, please call us at +44 (0) 191 378 3737 or email [email protected] today.