Introducing ABSCOM® MS117AX

ABSCOM® MS117AX (Permanent Antistatic ABS)


ABSCOM® MS117AX is an ABS plastic compound with superior surface and volume resistivity combined with exceptional colourability.

Polymer Compounders Limited, a leading manufacturer of ABS polymers (ABSCOM®), has developed ABSCOM® MS117AX, a colourable conductive permanent antistatic ABS polymer approved for use in industrial environments according to the ATEX test standard. Usually, this can only be achieved using carbon-based additives; hence, black is the only colour available.

ABSCOM® MS117AX, on the other hand, offers all colour possibilities by utilizing a novel conductive additive without the use of carbon, enabling the end-user to choose any colour; they wish. This gives ABSCOM® MS117AX a distinct advantage when compared to other materials on the market, especially as state-of-the-art technological solutions demand ever-greater control over the electrical characteristics in manufactured goods.

Additionally, ABSCOM® MS117AX is also a slightly electrically ‘dissipative polymer’. This is down to the sophistication of the underlying formula of the material. Put simply, ABSCOM® MS117AX is a permanent antistatic material with dissipative properties.

Dissipative Polymer Definition

Slightly electrically dissipative polymer. Dissipative materials allow electrical charges to flow to the ground more slowly in a more controlled manner than non-dissipative or conductive materials.

Antistatic Polymer Definition

Antistatic polymer materials are materials which inhibit triboelectric charging. This kind of charging is the build-up of an electric charge as a result of rubbing or contact with another material.

Advancing on the technology of grade ‘ABSCOM® MS170AX‘ (Discontinued). Which brought anti-static properties into ABS polymer for the first time, which was achieved through the use of carbon-based additive technologies. The carbon-based additive technology we chose gave ABSCOM® MS170AX its industry-leading unique characteristics. ABSCOM® MS170AX proved that it is possible to achieve good levels of conductivity in conjunction with the high impact values needed for a rugged electronic handheld device. ABSCOM® MS117AX utilises a much more robust chemistry and, as a result, is a much superior product to ABSCOM® MS170AX.

Typical data properties of ABSCOM® MS117AX are shown in the table below:

Typical PropertyTypical ValueUnitTest Method based on
Melt Flow (220C /10kg)17g/10 minISO1133(B)  
Flexural Modulus2400MPaISO 527  
Tensile Strength at Yield48MPaISO 527  
Izod Notched Impact24KJM2ISO 180/1A  
Surface resistivity(3.0 x 10e8)OhmIEC 61340-2-3  
Volume resistivity(3.0 x 10e8)Ohm/cmIEC 61340-2-3  
Density1100  Kg/m3ISO 1183  
Flammability (1.50 mm)HB UL-94  

The key features of ABSCOM® MS117AX are as follows:

  • >All colour possibilities.
  • >No loss of mechanical performance.
  • >ATEX compliance. *
  • >Permanent Antistatic ABS.
  • >Slightly electrically dissipative polymer.

*Can meet the Explosive Atmosphere Standard IEC 60079 specification with surface resistance Rs < 10^9 ohms target (RH50 % / 23 °C).

Laboratory Testing Results – ‘Surface Resistance’

Sample identification
Surface resistance
[Ohms] average
GREEN 6173
GREY 22151
*Typical properties found after lab testing.

🔑KEY: 3E8 Ohms = 3×10^8 Ohms = 300 MΩ

  • >Testing according to IEC 61340 2 3
  • >Test condition 2
  • >Test equipment used: 1,2
  • >Electrification time: Automatic
  • >Measurement voltage: 100 V
  • >Number of measurement points: 4

PCL’s new colourable conductive permanent antistatic ABS polymer ABSCOM®MS117AX offers all colour possibilities. Giving the polymer a distinct advantage over traditional black-only conductive polymers and is sure to be prevalent in industrial environments. To learn more about this product and how it can benefit your business, call us on +44 (0) 191 378 3737 or email [email protected] today.