ASACOM™ is our trade name for Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate compounds which we can offer with a range of properties and colours. ASA products are characterised by excellent resistance to weathering, both in term of mechanical properties and colours. As such, they are widely use for leisure and outdoors applications as well as in the automotive industry.

Here are our main grades. Clicking on a specific grade name will give you access to a summary of the datasheet. If you require a full datasheet, with more test results and details on the processing recommendations, please go here. If the datasheet you’re looking for is not on there, please contact us. Each datasheet has been composed by a company working to an ISO9001:2015 standard and should not be taken to be approved or sanctioned by the auditor to this standard.  

ASACOM General Purpose Injection Moulding Grades



ASACOM™ S9500-10